1. Said You’re Gonna


Said you're gonna try again
You pretender of a friend
Acting's really not your thing
I see so clearly through the sting (Sting)

Don't leave me,
waiting for you
Reserving my patience, for the true
I believe in, reciprocity
So you ain't, getting help from me

Back off,
keep a safe distance
Back off, back off,
ready to quit this
Back off, I'm about to blow
Back off, back off,
don't want you no more

Oh, that precious point in the matrix
Where it seems all lines converge
At times it feels too massive
For four or five letter words
Love and hate
Death and birth
We all know them,
and their worth
But, if they weren't on Different sides of the same coin
Their resemblence may unnerve
Some people think it's about one or the other
But it's about both, you heard?