1. Lost Shelter

Summer 2020 

Cover Art by 
Amir Dawud Akram 

These white walls have held me
for some time.
They’ve pacified me
with their pristine, matte veneer.
But, I know they rot.

The gilded age of adolescence
is passing: underneath
is something ugly,
far away is something scary
and beside me is “this”.

Failure is what “this” is
on the outside.
The valleys of despair rest between
me and the next plain.

I pray for salvation
And accept my insane.
I walk with “this”,
the beast that is myself.
This demon, not glued to my back
but engraved into my mind.

Shades like a larkspur’s hue
many times obstruct my view.
To walk through high water
I must hold onto my head,
stand straight, and look forward.