1. Can Art Save Our Minds?

BADBADNOTGOOD “The Key To Love Is Understanding”

August 21st, 2020
By Amir Dawud Akram
In Response to The Top 10 Reasons to Major In Psychology 

    The BADBADNOTGOOD album cover above was chosen not only for it's use of Pablo Picasso-esque cubism, but for the message the single imparts to listeners. The title of this song, in my eyes, does not state an arguable opinion, but it presents a universal truth. Much like the greatest "philosopher" of hip-hop, KRS-ONE, lyrics in Love's Gonna Getcha, "That word love is a very serious thing". The Merriam-Webster Dictionary's 3rd definition of the word love is "affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests". The graphic above depicts how contrasting forms, of different sizes, shapes, colors and spacial positions, still exist within the same canvas of black and white. I interpret this as a representation of the human condition, in order to coexist in the same realm, an understanding and acceptance of our differences and similarities is a fundamental necessity. However, each individual and societal institution must recognize that many exist within a darker paradigm, filled with chaos and misguided anger. Others exist within a lighter paradigm, filled with order and (many times) willful ignorance towards those in the dark.

    After reading the article by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, the first thing that came to my mind is the thought that I will be alright. In most of my academic experiences, I risked my well- being in one way or another: wasting time staring at a textbook rather than reading it, overexerting myself in classes I adored, evading/confronting threats of violence or despising myself for falling into a "herd mentality". In other words, both academia and interpersonal relationships had an undertone of fear and stress that I was not fully aware of. Admittedly, it feels quite preternatural typing these words down, but the notion that a psychology degree will help me better understand myself, and thus love myself, is reassuring.